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Wireless Video Transmission System DC Wires

Our DC wires are used in the set that supports Resolutions up to 1080p60 and more. Purchasers can place wholesale or retail orders with any time of the year and expect timely arrival of deliveries. Bringing forth wide array of Wireless Video Transmission DC Wire, we are amidst the celebrated Suppliers in this field.

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Packaging Details Packaging

1. 1 Unit Transmitter
2. 1 Unit Receiver
3. 7 5GHz Omni-directional and high efficiency antennas (SMA female)
4. 2 DC convert cable (LEMO 4 pin-male to D-Type receptacle)
5. 1 User manual, 2 Torx screw driver, 1 1/4-20 Screw to ISO518 hot-shoe converter
6. Battery Buckle - Sony NP-F970/Panasonic D28s/Canon 5D2 (Optional)
7. Packing - 350*250*50mm carton