Jona LED

Installation & Instructions

Typical connection instruction
  • Connect camera SDI or HDMI output to transmitter SDI or HDMI input port, and the transmitter can fixed in hot-shoe port of the camera.
  • Connect HDMI or SDI output port of the receiver to SDI or HDMI input port of the HD monitor.
  • Make sure all antennas and batteries are equipped normally.

Operation instruction
  • Input video port selection of transmitter : The transmitter has a 3G SDI video input port and a HDMI video Input port and the system will detect valid video source automatically of SDI and HDMI port, and then switch it as main video input channel. If Operation instruction both SDI and HDMI have valid video inputs, the system will take SDI input as priority.
  • RSSI indicators : The receiver will calculate received RF signal strength internally and 5 âRSSIâ LEDs will be used to indicate wireless signal power and quality. The user can observe the RSSI LED status to know if the current wireless link is reliable or not. From 1 to 5 lit LEDs show RSSI from Min to Max.

Lit RSSI LEDs Volume
  • 4
  • 2-3
  • 1 or no lit LED

Wireless Link
  • Strong
  • Middle
  • Weak

Video Quality
  • Best
  • Good
  • Visible Video Noise

Frequency selection and conï¬guration : The wireless suite can work in 5.1-5.9GHz frequency band and be ï¬exibly software conï¬gured to licensed or ISM band of global different regions, as well as the side panel of both transmitter and receiver has been installed a frequency select knob, which provide maximum 10 workable frequency channels, and support maximum 4 sets working simultaneously. See below frequency knob ï¬gure.

  • Storage conditions : Products storage temperature should be -20°C~60°C. For long time storage requirement, please use original carbon boxes, and avoid from high humid, acid base or dusty place.
  • Maintenance Warning : To ensure your safety, place choose original adapters. And provide stable AC input according to this manual.

Trouble shooting
  • No output on display : Check TX and RX power ï¬rst, and see if TX or RX battery is existed, then check if TX antenna and RX antenna installed right. After that, check 'Video' indicator, if TX 'Video' indicator is not light, then check SDI or HDMI cable is plugged in and video source is ready please. Finally may check input video format is compatible with this product specs.
  • Poor output video quality : Check if SDI or HDMI input or output cable is plugged well, then check how many receiver side 'RSSI' LEDs is lit, there should be 2-3 RSSI LED lit if the user want to get better video quality; if there is only 1 RSSI LED or no LED lit, that means the received wireless signal is weak, and should decrease the transmission distance or try to change to other frequency channels in case some exist interference.


  • Frequency Selection

  • RSSI Indicator

  • Typical Connection Instruction